The stuff we love!

There is some very cool stuff and 'things to do' around...  Here is some stuff WE LOVE!!!


Ground Effect'No-nonsense mountain bike and road cycling clothing. Conceived by cycle nuts, refined by the style police and constructed in New Zealand from hi-performance fabrics.’

We couldn’t be more pleased to have Ground Effect on board as our preferred supplier. Our tour leaders are all kitted out and loving putting their Ground Effect shorts, gloves, socks and shellwear to the test in all conditions on tour.




Nancy loves bikes

Based in Nelson, New Zealand, Nancy Loves Bikes are inspired by gorgeous patterns, cool streetwear and awesome trails. Wherever possible we use sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes. After all, we love having crystal clear rivers, pristine forests and some of the world’s best riding at our back door.

We hope you enjoy wearing our stuff. There’s no one quite like Nancy!


Peak Safety

Peak Safety's 5 Day PHEC - Pre Hospitatl Emergency Care Course is known as the Beast amount outdoor first aid qualifications and the choice of our Escape Adventures tour leaders!

Delivered by leading outdoor safety and emergency care professionals, this course is for those leading groups in the outdoor environment and is the industry standard for adventure industry professionals.

Peak Safey's PHEC week is a fully engaging week of action that will severely tax your brain — be prepared to take the intellectual hit and soak up the information.  If you value a huge skill set over a piece of paper then this is the PHEC course for you.






Keep CupsKeep Cups!!

If you have joined us on tour from July 2018 onwards... you will already have one of our awesome new keep cups!

Please bring this cup with you on your cycle tour. You can use it for coffee, tea, juice and water on planes, in airports, on your cycle tour, and when you get back home! You’ll never need to use a throw away cup again!!

Please join us in our mission to reduce single use packaging and rubbish. Yay!!








Responsible TravelResponsible Travel want you to have truly memorable holiday, and we want local communities and wildlife to benefit too. They inspire to make tourism a more caring industry, one that improves places rather than ruins them. We do this in three ways:

- Try to lead by example with the best practices in responsible tourism.
- Prove the win: win (better holiday for you, better for local places and people) of responsible tourism.
- Target bad practice in our industry with activism and campaigns.




Juliana BicyclesSanta CruzOh we love our bikes!  Our Santa Cruz Chameleons are the best touring / do anything bikes ever!  When off tour Mandy rocks her Juliana Rubion and John keeps his Santa Cruz Bronson in the bedroom!

Thanks to Hyperfromce Hardware New Zealand!!





JoyRide MTB SkillsLooking to dial in those riding skills before your cycle tour?  Or want to get a bit rad on your local trails? 

Whether your are new to mountain biking, or wanting to smooth out your flow, tackle roots or get in the air, Wellington based JoyRide have something for you!

3 hour skills courses  |  Private Sessions  |  Multi-Day MTB Camps













PIMBIAThe PMBI Association trains and certififies mountain bike instructors and guides around the world to effectively teach and guide in cross country and downhill environments.