Where would we be without Mum?!

Posted on 09/05/2019 by Tom Kearney

Where would we be without Mum?!

This mothers day we want to talk about our amazing mother, Mandy Richards!

Mandy was not thinking about motherhood when she responded to an ad in a kebab shop.  The ad was for a job as assistant tour leader with Escape Adventures.  Little did she know she was setting the course that would eventually lead to becoming a mother.  Once she was hired, it did not take long for John to figure out Mandy is a keeper.  He did his best to seduce her and eventually was successful.  She quickly became an essential part of John’s life and the Escape Adventures business.  

While on tour in Uganda in 2006 Mandy unexpectedly discovered she was pregnant.  With this surprising news in mind, Mandy and John got stuck into organising life and the next years tours with an additional family member to consider.  John reports that pregnancy did not slow her down saying, “When Mandy was 8 months pregnant is the only time I’ve been able to keep up with her on a bike”.

In January, 2007 Mandy gave birth to a beautiful boy, Kier.  Living and working in a yurt in Wanaka, Mandy did not have much ‘down time’.  She was straight back to running the business two days after giving birth, pictured above with Kier in the front pack while she responded to emails.

In the years that followed Mandy balanced being a mother with running a business and occasionally getting some time for herself.  John was often away on tour for significant portions of time.  So… it is fair to say, it was not easy.  Mandy is very grateful for the support she received from her own mother during the younger years of Kier’s life.  That support is ongoing to this day.

John reflects on what makes Mandy the best mum to their son Kier.  “Mandy is a great mother to Kier because she is endlessly compassionate and patient. It’s like she has a bottomless well of love for Kier that is overflowing continuously.  She is warm and comforting, but also strong and courageous.  She has influenced Kier’s life in the best way possible, being exposed to Mandy’s values about love, life and how to live it.”  

Mandy Kier JohnKier is now 12 years old, and such a joy!  Life continues to change, but one thing always remains, Mandy’s unwavering love and devotion to her family.

We also want to acknowledge all the awesome mothers who have come on tour with us!  We’ve had countless laughs, hugs and a few tears with you along the way.  You are all truly inspirational.  

So, we will finish this little tribute by saying a massive THANK YOU to all the amazing mothers out there who are busting their bums to be great mums.