Out from the Wreckage

Posted on 31/07/2020 by Mandy Richards

Out from the Wreckage

Out from the smouldering ashes of a twisted and wrecked travel industry came the most epic and outrageously fun of New Zealand cycling adventures!! If you have ever wanted to ride the length of New Zealand (or part of it), or the more adventurous and remote width of New Zealand from East Cape to Cape Egmont? NOW is your chance!!

Check out our new New Zealand tours...

Tour Aotearoa

The Tour Aotearoa is a 3000km cycle route created by the Kennett Brothers - exploring the length of New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Bluff and riding on as many of New Zealand's off road cycle trails and quiet back roads as possible.

We have divided the tour into six 7-12 day fully supported riding sections so that you you can ride the full tour OR choose which section or sections that you want and then enjoy riding and exploring that section in detail - without the hassle of carrying your gear or finding food and accommodation. Of course our tours also includes plenty of Escape Adventures' quirks that you love!

Cape to Cape

And for those with a REAL spirit for adventure - The Cape to Cape is a 1,050km cycle route from the most eastern point of the north Island rather indirectly to the western most point at Cape Egmont. It's a ride that will take you into the thick of the North Island’s most remote, rugged and off the beaten track towns; while making sure you experience every detail of the undulating topography!

We are offering a fully supported version of the Cape to Cape so that you can fully immerse in this awesome route - without the hassle of carrying your gear or finding food and accommodation. Our tour loosely follows this classic route and also include plenty of quirky extras, stop-overs and special places in the true Escape Adventures' style.