Namibia is a go!

Posted on 02/09/2019 by Tom Kearney

Namibia is a go!

Did you vote for Namibia or Japan...?

A couple of months ago we asked you - all of our bikers, where you would like us to build a new cycle tour next?

We counted all of your votes and have had many debates here at Escape HQ... It has been a tough decision.  In the end Japan received more votes.  However on closer inspection we found a bit of a pattern and that those of you that voted for Namibia... have done more cycle tours with us... and indeed your votes carry more weight!  

So simple as that... we're going to Namibia in 2020!!

But don't worry... how about we go to Japan in 2021?

Namibia in 2020
Ever since I first travelled through Namibia over 20 years ago I have been keen to set up a cycle tour there; and as Mandy and I have begun the research process... we have been getting more and more excited and now we just can't wait to ride our bikes there!  So next April - Mandy, Kier and I are planning to head out to Namibia to research and create a new cycle tour - and we plan to lead the first tours in September/October 2020!

What's it going to be like?
Imagine riding your bike in one of the world's least densely populated countries... a land of sublime landscapes that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. The scenery and sights are as astonishing as they are varied, ranging from the world’s oldest desert with fascinating desert-adapted plants – to rugged granite mountains adorned with ancient rock art.

We can't wait to explore the north - home to the country's greatest wildlife, including free roaming desert rhino and elephant.  We'll put together a cycle tour full of wild landscapes, forbidding sand dunes, desolate coastline, world heritage sites, traditional tribespeople and the largest night skies you have ever seen.

So...who is keen to come cycle touring with us in Namibia? If this sounds like you then drop Mandy a line to register your interest!  We will only lead two tours in 2020... so the keenest of you can come!!  The rest can come the following year...

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