Kopiko Aotearoa - Cape to Cape Go Mandy, Bruce, Brian and Ash!!

Posted on 18/02/2020 by Mandy Richards

Kopiko Aotearoa - Cape to Cape Go Mandy, Bruce, Brian and Ash!!

So what do cycle tour leaders do when they are not leading cycle tours???  Go cycle touring of course!!!

This time Mandy has been wooed by the Kennett Bros inaugural Cape to Cape - Kopiko Aotearoa starting next Saturday the 22nd of Feb.  A 1150km brevet from the East Cape - the eastern most point of the North Island to Cape Egmont the western most point! (or vice versa).


If you have never heard of a brevet, it's a kind of stripped back style of cycle touring where you live off your bike from start to finish...  You need to be fully self supported, do your own navigating, carry your sleeping gear and fuel up with whatever food and snacks you can find along the way.  The route is designed to be as wiggly and windy, remote and off road as possible. So it'll be a bit of a challenge, but hey, 'Normal is Boring' after all!!


And to make it into a spectator event there is live tracking, with every entrant carrying their own tracker so you can follow their progress here: Kopiko Aotearoa Live Tracking


Being just a little bit nuts is a requirement to be an Escape Adventures' tour leader and also doing it are Escape Adventures Tour Leaders present and past: Bruce Maunsell, Susan Maunsell, Brian Alder, Ash Peters; our wonderful travel agent Diane Grigg (who books all of our flights!)... also a gang of Escape Adventurers too... Liz Roberts (riding with Mandy & Kirsty), Luke Newnham, Margot Harkness, Gillian Wratt, Don McFadzien and Shirley Dryden!!  Wahoo!  Go you guys!!