A Tribute to Solomon of Solomon's Rock

Posted on 02/02/2020 by Mandy Richards

A Tribute to Solomon of Solomon's Rock

If you have joined us on tour in Kenya & Tanzania, you might have met our good friend Solomon.  If not, you definitely camped near his manyatta with us next to the infamous Solomon's Rock (to us) in Kenya.

I first met Solomon around 1999, when we were biking through the back tracks of Kenya looking for somewhere to camp. After a few sessions chatting with the community elders under a thorn tree we reached an agreement and we have been camping on their land with our groups ever since. Our friendship and business relationship with Solomon has spanned over 20 years now, he has gifted me his very own spear and camping near his home has been an ongoing highlight of our Kenya & Tanzania cycle tours.

Sadly, Solomon passed away on the 29th December, 2019. We will dearly miss his honest fire-side chats and quiet sense of humour as we continue to camp in his very special place.

Rest in Peace Solomon.