The Magical Mystery Cycle Tour

#1 Nelson to Nelson

Are you brave? Would you book a cycle tour know ONLY where and when it starts and finishes and leave the rest to us? Our Magical Mystery Cycle Tour will take you to some awesome, scenic, hard to get to and at times inaccessible parts of our amazing country. Where will we go in 2022?

Where will we ride in 2022?
3 days
Approx 100 km
A mystery cycle tour, on secret riding routes to mystery accommodation in a mystery destination.

We have set ourselves a challenge!  To come up with an annual 3 day Magical Mystery Cycle Tour that will take you to some awesome, scenic, hard to get to and at times inaccessible parts of our amazing country.  The details of the tour will be a mystery!  The route, the accommodation, the meals, the entertainment…. in fact it will all remain a mystery until is unfolds beneath your wheels.  All you have to do is book, practice riding your bike a bit and show up… and trust us (a little)…  Lets go!!

In October 2021 51 brave and fun bikers embraced the mystery and joined us in Nelson for a completely secret 3 days of biking... the craziest 3 day cycle tour ever!  A special shout out to Lynley & Mike at Hopewell Lodge for hosting the fun, and also a huge thanks to a huge list of all the amazing contributors below - we couldn't have done it without you. We missed all you North Islanders who were/are still in lockdown but don't worry... there is always more where that came from!

Where will the Magical Mystery Cycle Tour be in 2022?

Please keep me in the loop for the Magical Mystery Cycle Tour 2022!


THANK YOU Landowners! Osborne Family, Hendrick, Steve & Marion, Hopai Farm, Ewan and Meagan Wilson.

THANK YOU - Hopewell Lodge, Skiddaw Honey, Ground Effect, Forrest Wines, Dunedin Craft Distillers, Raetihi Lodge, The Keneperu Rural Womens Group, Marion & Steve from Manaroa, Marion Day Author, Nopera Golf Club, Wataria Bay School, Yum Granola, Sublime Coffee Roasters, Proper Crisps, Double Vision Brewing, Just Costumes

What a Weekend!

    Annie Hudson, 03/01/2022 4:51pm

Thank you Escape Adventures for yet another awesome adventure, superbly organised and executed together with your brilliant crew. I just loved everything about it (as indicated by others too) and dare to think what you will come up with next!! Can’t be faulted and highly recommended.

Mystery solved…..after a great adventure!

    Trudi Ballantyne, 13/12/2021 5:41pm

We had a great trip with Escape Adventures on their Magical Mystery Cycle Tour over Labour Weekend 2021. All we knew was we were starting in Nelson - the weekend was a great experience and would highly recommend it to everyone. Very well organised by some great people with great ideas for entertaining us all. Having access to private property for our ride was awesome. The accomodation, the food, the fellow cyclists and the support from the Escape Adventures team was amazing.


    Clare Vivian-Neal, 24/11/2021 9:45pm

This was a totally splendid and surprising adventure. Memorable, funny, quirky and delightful - all set is glorious scenery with mighty hills of (mostly) good gradients. Topped off by delicious food that really was local and "of the place". Good company. Relaxed and brilliant break away. Highly recommended.

Mystery and Magic Galore

    Julie Robilliard, 09/11/2021 10:49am

The Escape Team conjured up a fantastic trip and we didn't know what to expect next. Thank you so much for a fabulous MMCT. What I liked – Having some mystery, The effort to provide options so that a wide range of us could participate and challenge ourselves in a supportive environment, The fun the team injected – costumes and the joie de vivre, The great food, accommodation and community involvement

A real Magical Weekend.

    Julie Bryant, 06/11/2021 10:03pm

A huge thanks to the whole crew for an exceptional weekend of backyard exploring, biking, mixed transport adventure and general hilarity, all executed in typical Escape Adventure Style. The level of organisation was extraordinary and to be able to cater for such a diverse group of skills, abilities, and individual requirements was truly amazing! It was a magical weekend of fun, connecting with others, while supporting local businesses.

We'll tell you only what do you need to know!

  • Where:  ?
  • When:  October 14
  • Until:  October 16
  • The Ride: Approx 100 km on private land and otherwise secret quiet country roads. Gravel and paved roads and sometimes rough 4x4.
  • This tour is ideal for pedal bikers who can cope with hills / or E-Bikers. Dirt/gravel road biking experience will add to the enjoyment of your tour.
  • Meals: Fully Catered (Alcoholic drinks not included).
  • Accommodation: Is a secret
  • Transfers: Included
  • Bikes: A hardtail mountain bike is the ideal bike. A touring bike with off road tyres or gravel bike will also do the job.
  • Support: This is a “Full Monty” classic Escape Adventures cycle tour. Our awesome Escape Adventures tour leaders will provide daily briefings, ride with you, point you in the right direction, entertain you and offer first aid and mechanical support. Your luggage will mysteriously arrive at your accommodation along with warm fluffy towels and sweet sweet smelling natural soap…
  • Group Size: ?