Madagascar Cycle Tour

Extraordinary Madagascar by bicycle

Explore the unique wildlife and mysteries of Madagascar as you bike from the central highlands to the white sandy beaches of the Mozambique Channel.

Antananarivo to Morondava
16 days
580 km
Adventurous cycle tour

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, broke away from Africa millions of years ago. With a coastline lined with coral beaches and lagoons the land rises sharply to a great central plateau that covers most of the island. From temperate highlands to tropical coasts the landscape and scenery is as rich and unique as it's wildlife.  Madagascar's isolation has allowed many remarkable species to evolve, and there is not a single Madagascan mammal species which can be found in any other place in the world.

To explore it all would take months, so we have created our cycle tour to bring you up close to the essence of what makes Madagascar tick. Starting from the capital of Antananarivo we leave the busy city behind. We ride on remote back roads, visit small towns and rural villages, and discover lemurs, chameleons and more wildlife not found anywhere else on earth. We cross the central highlands, through endemic dry forests, past ancient towering baobab trees and out to the tropical coast overlooking the Mozambique Channel in Morondava. You’ll take a two day riverboat trip through sparsely populated gorges, remote villages and sleeping crocodiles, hike through the incredible Tsingy limestone formations and dine on a mouthwatering mix of Malagasy and French cuisine.

Some people choose to extend their adventure with some extra days on the beach or a trip to Andasibe National Park - either of which we can help you organise.

How about a Madagascar & Kenya & Tanzania Combo?  Each year our June Madagascar cycle tour times in perfectly with our first Kenya & Tanzania cycle tour - making an awesome Two Trip Combo possible in one flight to Africa. Contact Mandy for more info.

Madagascar Video

Cycle Tour Madagascar by Danny Hall who joined us in Madagascar May, 2018

Introducing Escape Adventures

Introducing Escape Adventures. Unforgettable cycle tours in Kenya & Tanzania, China & Tibet, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Fiji, Madagascar & Colombia

A perfect balance of physical adventure and personal challenge!

Well done to the Escape Adventures team! A perfect balance of physical adventure and personal challenge. I never thought I would learn a new sand biking skill at 65 years! Your attention to detail, from Mandy and her super prompt response to emails to Leigh saying 'have a donut' with your mid morning roadside coffee, to the reminder from Mushi to ride on the RIGHT side of the road! Ongoing information of the next step in our holiday, individual and team chat, delicious picnic lunches, along with lemur table cloth! Even after the tour was offically finished, Escape Adventures has organised a taxi for us!! Our tour leaders were so conscientious, however giving us independence at the the same time! I was impressed with their care and attention to each individual. I'll keep spreading the work about you in my Escape Adventures bike shirt! Happy Days!

Janey Johnston, 17/06/2019 1:53pm

Want to see what an amazing world we live in

Hi to all the prospective travellers! When you check out the Escape Adventure web site I have assumed that you have a wonder lust. Well lucky you you have arrived. I have done three trips with Escape Adventure and I really cannot put into words all I have seen. I’m not a person who likes going to the places that are typical tourist spots...that said I do enjoy a certain comfort level, I also enjoy people. Escape Adventures trips tick every box for me. The places I have seen the life long friends I have made and getting the opportunity to see how people live in the world is for me is priceless. I’m not going to ramble on but I do urge you to book a trip (put your toe in the water) give these guys a go you will be safe, comfortable and amazed at how good these trips will be. Hopefully I’ll meet you on my next trip, and there will be more trips for me. Hasta lueago amigos.

Stephen Finch, 12/10/2018 7:12pm

Fascinating Animals and BIG rivers

A great trip in a very poor country. The people were fascinated seeing cyclists. They were very friendly and welcoming. Some awesome scenery and some long days, but great diversity. We saw Lemurs in the wild as well as in the Lemur park. Guides and drivers were great and overall a very worthwhile experience.

Diane Stead, 03/10/2018 11:52am

Unforgettable Experience

I found the trip very enjoyable because it was well organised with good bikes and tour leaders. We participated in a diverse range of activities as well as sights while touring, and found it easy to interact with the local people especially. By the end of the trip we had bonded as a friendly group.

Ed Shand , 30/09/2018 2:23pm

Dianne Tretheway. Madagascar cycle tour"What a phenomenal time we had"

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what a PHENOMENAL time we had in Madagascar on MAD 1 (and that is not something I expected to say being essentially a non-bike rider).  Not knowing exactly what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised each and every day as we rode through interesting and diverse countryside, saw and met many local Malagasy people and were made to (almost) feel like rock stars each time we rode through a village greeted by shouts and cheers from happy children. At the end of each day’s ride we always had somewhere safe and comfortable to spend the night with the most amazing and delicious food.

I also wanted to  comment on your guides. Leif was superb and a great comfort to me knowing he was there as tail-end-Charlie able to provide support and advice when needed (I got to know him quite well as I was consistently the last rider!). Dezy’s local knowledge and skilful driving was invaluable and could spot a chameleon a mile away. And Leigh...what can I say that hasn’t already been said before by anyone and everyone who comes across this remarkable, confident, capable and ever-smiling young woman. She is GOLD. Hang onto her!!! She made our trip"

Dianne Tretheway.  Victoria, Australia

Julie Hamilton. Cycle tour Madgascar

"Loving the personal challenge"

"Thanks again guys for all you do for those who like doing something different and you make it possible….you are very good at what you do.  I admit at times I wondered why am I here biking in this sand but at the same time loving every minute of it and loving the personal challenge it brings."

Julie Hamilton.  Oamaru, New Zealand


Jan Peryer

"Another Amazing bike tour"

"Mandy & John, once again thank you for another amazing bike tour in Madagascar. It was again epic, fun, challenging, eye-opening, sad, full-filling and incredible – all at the same time. The total experience was further enhanced by Escape Tour Leaders, Leigh & Ian, together with your local Team who were all so lovely and supportive."

Jan & Bill Peryer.  Wellington, New Zealand


"You run a mighty fine outfit"

"I wanted to save some accolades and adjectives, firstly for those who designed the trip – I understand to be mostly John...  It was so very imaginative, thoughtful, thorough, sensible and exciting. It must have taken a swag of work, a bit of luck and a bit of tenacity. The river trip will do as an example – the right length [48 hours roughly over three days], a strangely functional craft, resourceful running repairs, acceptably comfortable conditions compared to a pirogue, great food that arrived from somewhere, a beautiful waterfall for ablutions, Madagascar river life playing out during the day and two semi-organised concerts on the river banks by night. Just magic!

I also want to acknowledge the way in which Leigh and Ian gave us [or didn’t give us] information. Knowing what to expect really matters, and Leigh in particular would methodically parcel out information and advice in a timely and planned manner. But they both withheld information too, deliberately, and in my view they pretty well always got it right. We had loads of surprises, and we never really knew what the day would bring.  That is a skill, and they both have it.  Thank you guys.  You run a mighty fine outfit!!

Pete Hodgson. Dunedin, New Zealand

Peter Worsp. Madagascar cycle tour

"Biking is definitely the way..."

"Madagascar was fantastic and the Escape Adventures team did an outstanding job – as per usual.  Leigh led us brilliantly and everything went superbly.  I loved the whole trip and biking is definitely the way to interact with the local people in the best way – no glass in between the riders and the people, slow speeds (well, I was amazingly fast! but the rest of the group were pretty slow), easy to stop and ‘chat’ (the schoolboy French was useful), and they were such fun to be with."

Peter Worsp. Christchurch, New Zealand

Jude Tony in Madagascar

"Our favourite so far"

"I think this has been our favourite Escape cycle tour of the 4 we've done. Challenging biking, lovely hot weather, variety of scenery and activities with the boat trip thrown in and a couple of nights camping on a sandbank to break up the hotel stays.  Loved the villages and stopping for our 40c coffees with an audience of village folk.  Gotta reccommend this trip to anyone who wants to see Madagascar up close and personal from the comfort of a bike."

Jude & Tony Anker.  Kaikoura, New Zealand

Chris and Carol in Madagascar


“Lemurs, just like Mandy and John, are playful, delightful and loads of fun. You won’t find them (the lemurs) anywhere else in the world but Madagascar. You won’t find out until you go there so join the queue, get as fit as you can, learn a bit of French (so you can read the menus and converse with the folk who live in the hills and down at the coast among the baobabs) and be prepared for some unusual and unexpected experiences. It’s challenging but worth the effort – worth every penny of 100,000 ariarys (that’s about $3 USD and it’s actually worth a bit more than that).”

Chris & Carole Whitfeld. Dorset, UK

Karen Savage in Madagascar


"My 5th memorable and life-changing journey with Escape Adventures.  But Madagascar was something else!
Was I a rock-star or a comic?  This lady on a mountain bike bought joy and much laughter to many isolated villagers in central Madagascar. I was on an intrepid journey.  Madagascans gave me joy and inspiration. 90% live on less than US$2 per day. Their villages have no water reticulation, no electricity, use oxen or personal strength for transport of goods/water and they cultivate all land for rice and vegetables using a sharp spade. The communities living this humble lifestyle are healthy, happy, and seem stress free. Their philosophy (so I was told): “If you smile on the outside, you smile on the inside…and all is well”. A safe, loving and happy culture.

In Madagascar we stepped back in time, in a safe environment, supported by John and Mandy.  We enjoyed the physical challenges and made special new friends within our biking group.  I am so lucky to experience adventure tourism offered by Escape Adventures. It has added spice to my life."

Karen Savage,  Canterbury, New Zealand


The Low-Down

Start: Antananarivo

Finish: Morondava

The Biking

Your tour itinerary offers 15-108km biking per day; a total distance of up to 580km spread over 10 days of biking.

The Terrain is predominantly rolling and flat, with a couple of climbs up to 6km in length. The riding surface (50% quiet paved roads and 50% dirt and 4x4 roads) can be rough at times, slow going, pot-holed and sandy and the riding challenge of the tour should not be judged by mileage alone. The trip is suited to riders with a good level of biking fitness and off-road biking experience will greatly enhance handling on rough roads and add to the enjoyment of your tour. A mountain bike with front suspension is the ideal bike and we have a fleet of our own mountain bikes available for hire.

Support: Our trusty support vehicle carries all your luggage, has lunch, snacks and water at hand, and is there if you need a break from the saddle.

Group Size: 6-12 like minded bikers from around the world.

Riverboat Journey

We take a break from our bikes for a 2 day/2 night riverboat journey down the Tsiribihina River. Our chartered large flat bottomed riverboat has a shaded top deck and seating with tables.  All our meals are prepared in the onboard kitchen by our boat crew. We spend between 4-6 hrs per day on board gently cruising downstream and camping beside waterfalls on the riverbank at night.


We also have 2-3 short hiking opportunities during the tour in two stunning national parks: Tsingy Bemaraha and Kirindy Forest. One daytime hike takes 2-3 hrs and one is a night-time hike to make the most of the possible wildlife opportunities. The trails are generally unformed so good sturdy walking shoes are ideal. Open sandals are not recommended.


Your tour leaders will take care of your meals and snacks throughout your adventure with us- often taking advantage of the delicious Malagasy and French fare in local cafes and restaurants. This excludes three lunches and one evening meal which are at your own cost to give you the opportunity to explore eating options of your own choosing. We are most definitely able to cater for *vegetarians and special diets and if this includes you, it is essential to advise us of this before your tour begins, so that the support vehicle can be stocked with the necessary supplies.
Typical meals include:

  • Breakfasts - French continental style, bread, omelettes, coffee & tea. (Supplemented with muesli).
  • Lunches - Picnic style lunches, fresh salads, cold meats, cheese & bread.  
  • Evening Meals - Mostly taking advantage of the delicious local dishes in cafes and hotel restaurants. Generally including fish, chicken or beef and loads of vegetables.

*Vegetarians - Please note that in Madagascar meat is considered staple.  Travelling as a vegetarian is definitely possible, however may lack variety.


All accommodation for the duration of your tour is included in your tour. 12 nights are in small hotel bungalows and guesthouses on a twin share basis (2-4 star), and 3 nights camping. The camping is real camping in remote locations. Washing facilities & toilets are available every night except one night while on riverboat where we have no washing facilities. We supply spacious dome tents which we will show you how to erect, and foam mattresses. You will need to bring your own light sleeping bag and a small travel pillow.

Preparing for your cycle tour

It is not always ‘Just like riding a bike’!  The Malagasy dirt roads can be rough and sandy, and are not maintained as roads may be in your country.  So get out there and ride as many off-road surfaces you can find, and some hills too!  Please do read about the daily riding distances and riding terrain in the itinerary below and prepare accordingly.  The more prepared you are the more you will enjoy your holiday!  You should be comfortable riding 3-5 times a week with regular rides of 30-50km in length. Preparing for your cycle tour should involve gravel, dirt and off-road riding, with some hills.   Please do contact us if you would like some help with a detailed training plan.

Antananarivo to Morondava

Contact Us for a more Detailed Itinerary

DAY 1: Arrive Antananarivo, pre-departure meeting and first dinner together. Hotel
DAY 2: After visiting a lemur sanctuary, we get used to bikes on some quiet paved roads and rolling country. 46km. Local Hotel
DAY 3: We ride out into the central highlands through small villages. 34km. Hotel Bungalows
DAY 4: We begin the day on quiet paved roads. After lunch the road turns to dirt as we cross a 2000m plateau. 48kms. Hotel Bungalows
DAY 5: A free day to explore Antsidabe. Hotel Bungalows.
DAY 6: Our first big ride - all paved and dotted with rice paddies and villages. 108km. Camping
DAY 7: As we continue west the landscape get noticeably drier, descending into dessert country in the afternoon. 43km. Hotel
DAY 8: A morning ride brings us to the Tsiribihina River where we board our river boat for eh next couple of days. 30km. Riverside Camping
DAY 9: We continue our river boat cruise on the Tsiribihina River, spotting wildlife as we go. Riverside Camping
DAY 10: After breakfast, we continue down stream to a tropical river side town.  Basic Hotel
DAY 11: On red dirt 4x4 roads to Tsingy Bemaraha Nature Reserve with rumbling ox-carts for company and wide open savannah rolling off into the distance. 50-97km. Hotel
DAY 12: A day off the bikes allows us to explore the reserve by foot and canoe. Hotel
DAY 13: What goes up must go down, or in this case ‘what goes north must go south’. 50-97km. Basic Hotel
DAY 14: A short morning ride brings us to a Kirindy Forest Nature Reserve - home of 7 species of lemur and the elusive fossa. 15km. Basic Bungalow
DAY 15: Our last ride of the tour takes us through the famous Avenue Du Baobab, and on to the seaside town of Morondava. 63km. Beachside Hotel
DAY 16: Final breakfast together. Stay on and relax / or onward travel via Morondava Airport.

Trip Price

US dollars $3,550 (Plus local payment* 300 Euro)
Bike Hire if required USD $300
Single Supplement if requested: USD $750

*Local payment is a part of your tour cost and is payable to your tour leader on arrival in Antananarivo.

Our Madagascar cycle tour is priced in US Dollars as USD mostly accurately correspond to our off-shore expenses many of which are in USD.
Convert USD to your currency:

Prices include: accommodation 15-nights, meals as per detailed itinerary, two NZ based Escape Adventures leaders, local interpreter & drivers, 4x4 vehicle support, camping equipment - tents & mattresses, Park Entry Fees: Lemur Park, Tsingy Bemaraha Park, Kirindy Forest, 2 day Riverboat Cruise, Local entry fees, river & road tolls throughout your tour.

Prices do NOT include: airfares, visas, airport taxes, optional activities and excursions, vaccinations, personal equipment and a couple of meals as per the detailed itinerary.

In Madagascar we have our own fleet of bikes available for hire. They are Avanti Montari 7.4 which are a quality New Zealand designed mountain bike with 29 inch wheels for medium, large and XL frame sizes and 27.5 inch wheels for small frame size. They have Rockshox 100mm front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and shimano 2x10 gearing. We carry all our spare parts out to Africa and maintain them ourselves to make sure they are in optimal riding condition for your ride with us.

If you will be hiring a bike from us please let us know prior to your trip, and please feel free to bring your favourite saddle and clip in pedals (if you normally clip in).

Madagascar rental bikes