Cambodia Cycle Tour

Cycle the magical Kingdom of Cambodia

Let the Kingdom of Cambodia, with its history, culture and stunning landscapes cast its spell over you.

Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
13 Days
Easy to Moderate

Sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is a melting pot of South East Asian culture, scenery and cuisine. The local people are friendly, happy and gentle. Having struggled through years of bloodshed, poverty and political instability they have a seemingly unbreakable spirit, infectious optimism and they have prevailed with their smiles intact. Cambodia is one of those places that you come away from full of admiration and affection for the people.

In Cambodia we set out to create a ‘laid-back’ cycle tour with predominantly flat riding, laced with loads of interesting things to see and do and finishing each day with tasty food and great accommodation. Our tour begins in Siem Reap in the north and as we wind our way south we get all that and more. We explore the famous Angkor Wat temples by bike, check out floating villages and bike through a time-less landscape of dazzling rice paddies and swaying palms.

One of the absolute highlights of my life

    Annette Sweeney, New Zealand, 20/12/2020 12:00am

One of the absolute highlights of my life was my Escape Adventures Cambodia tour in 2019. Extremely professional, great communication leading up to the tour and everything throughout the tour exceeded my expectations. Each day was fill of great company, fantastic riding, friendly locals, delicious food and all supported by an amazing team of tour guides and local guides. Can't wait to do Cape2Cape Aotearoa with Escape in 2021.

Escape Adventures ran a tight ship

    Gay Buckingham, New Zealand, 10/12/2020 12:00am

Under a wonderfully laid back exterior Escape Adventures ran a tight ship, with variables covered in advance and always exhibiting a respect for the planet in general and the people and land of Cambodia in particular.

Hot to Trot

    Catherine Bremner, 18/11/2019 9:43pm

Another great trip with Escape Adventures (my fourth). Although this was hot and humid, the trip was planned well around this, with shorter rides and early starts. I felt like I got a good sense of the country beyond the usual tourist trail whilst also hitting tourist highlights. Well informed helpful guides both local and NZ, scrummy food and excellent company- what a great holiday!

Give it a go!!

    Graeme David, 07/12/2018 1:47pm

The biking was excellent. The primary challenge was provided by the conditions (30 degrees, high humidity, no breeze, rough roads). Riding generally provided the main source of cooling by creating our own breeze in riding through otherwise still air. The riding itself was primarily on flat to almost flat surfaces apart from road imperfections such as generally rough unmade roads and numerous potholes. These added to the enjoyment of the tour. The cycles were perfectly well suited for the conditions, and full credit is due to the tour guides Leigh and Ian (including their highly competent Cambodian on-road assistant Thy) for their exceptional bicycle maintenance skills.

What experiences will I remember the most? Touring through the rural 'back blocks' including the villages visited and passed through. The use of the land across the rural countryside and the associated activity/lifestyles of the rural population. (This includes all of the cottage industry activities visited, and the basic equipment used by the people generally for generations.). The riding on back rural roads, including the condition of the mainly unsealed roads was a significant contribution into this experience.  I enjoyed the cheerful disposition of the village/rural people. Our riding group appeared to be a great attraction (especially to the abundance of young children) as we passed through the villages and past the fields and lake shores.  I certainly remember the heat and humidity - a temperature generally several degrees lower would have been preferred.  The on-water stop-offs were memorable (including stilted villages, young children boating solo to schools. fish catching and processing, wide variety of boats types, and organised mangrove planting). As a person who prefers rural over city environments, I considered that an excellent balance was achieved across the two environments. Go for it!

Cambodia....Can Do!

    Lyn Moore, 29/09/2018 9:07pm

This trip was wonderful. A great combination of rural scenery, meeting the locals, seeing life as it really is, wonderful camaraderie and sheer good fun. A chance to see the country and its gracious people "in the raw". The organisation by our brilliant trip leaders Leigh & John, (ably assisted by Thy and his helpers) made everything run smoothly. Any unexpected changes were taken in their stride to ensure that we all had a wonderful experience. I was super-impressed by The Escape Team's awareness of the local environment and their efforts to ensure we had minimal impact by hopefully " leaving tyre marks only" but also the efforts made to support the local small industries etc as we cycled our way through the country. I would unreservedly recommend Escape Adventures as the "way to go" for your cycling trip anywhere you have a yearning to venture!

Lyn Moore going potty in Cambodia"You are Real Pro's"

I just wanted to say what a fantastic trip we had in Cambodia. So stoked I managed it!  I loved the Khmer people and the kids, getting out into the back wops away from the tourists and seeing all the amazing stuff we saw. A fabulous experience!  Our group were so good....very supportive and we had lots of laughs along the way.  Leigh & John and the Cambodian boys were brilliant - looked after us extremely well.  Sad to finish and go our separate ways but maybe some shall meet up again on a future trip.  Thank you to you all for all of the organisation that goes into running a trip like are all real pro's."

Lyn Moore. Motueka, New Zealand

Bill Day

"One of life's great experiences"

"Firstly thanks for the trip. It was fabulous. John talks about type two fun…..and there was plenty of that but there was also lots and lots of type one fun too.  We were the lucky recipients of the incredible work that you put in to finding the little interesting byways for us to ride and explore. It was a never ending marvel as we would ride along a reasonably major road and then turn off into a little track full of interest. I would be wondering “How the hell did John discover this?

Every bit of it was interesting.  The team was all fantastic. The bikes were up to standard and magically appeared clean every day. The vehicles were better than I would have hoped for. The combination of the catered and self catered nights were just right. The luxury hotels came at just the right moment.  I admire how you stayed true to your mission of supporting locals and protecting the environment. Your integrity in this shines through.  Thanks again for one of life’s great experiences."

Bill Day.  Wanaka, New Zealand

Alex Blais

"A fabulous trip"

"Thank you Escape for a fabulous trip. With you, we experience the heart and soul of Cambodia. Seen it, smelt it, tasted it." 

Alex and Gayleen Blais, Canada.



Jan Pritchard has done six Escape Adventures cycle tours!"I can't imagine another way"

"My husband and I have done six cycle tours with Escape Adventures. After our first bike trip ever in Kenya in 2003 we learned that this is the way we want to travel. Not only do you come home in better shape than when you left but you will have actively engaged with the culture and people of a new land. Instead of passing by in a bus you may play an impromptu game of Simon Says with several hundred elementary students who have run out to cheer you on in Kenya, or you may try your hand at threshing rice in China, or meet an elderly widow in Laos who desperately wants to have you stay and visit. Then again an ostrich may wander through your picnic spot in Africa, followed by several giraffes. The trips are not regimented, events unfold differently every day as you have the opportunity to stop and interact with people you meet, there is no schedule that must be met. And if a day isn’t unfolding as it should there is always the option of catching a ride with the driver and enjoying the scenery for a while. Another important part of Escape Adventure’s trips is that they make sure that you stay in locally owned hotels and eat at locally owned restaurants, in this way the local people benefit from our tourism. I can’t imagine any other way to see the world than from a bike , exploring with Escape Adventures."

Janice & Jay Pritchard. Calgary, Canada

Kay Ayson

"Opportunity of a life time"

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity of a life time.  It must have been a gamble for you to include two 70+ Blenheimites  on your tour!  It was challenging for me, just the heat if we cycled after lunch, but I had Falesha and Chi encouraging me all the way - they were super.  John you are a great leader, so skilled and passionate about it all, gave a great atmosphere for every one. We felt safe and supported and cared for, by you all.  The group gelled really well, I'm sure we have made life long friends.  The route was so well thought out and interesting, and fascinating."

Kaye Ayson. Blenheim, New Zealand

Chris Whitfeld

"Experiencing Cambodian daily life"

"Call it enlightenment. Tell us travel broadens the mind. Encourage us to believe that a fortnight’s bike ride in ever so friendly Cambodia will be flat, for oldies and softies, and with no camping. Some people will believe almost anything. Even from John and Mandy! Well actually, most of all this was surprisingly true.

The whole Cambodian experience, in bearable heat and humidity, on muddy, potholed tracks and through major roadworks ahead, from Seam Reap to Phnom Penh, via Tonle Sap Lake – by boat not bike – floating villages, silk and pepper farms, not to mention a picnic on Rabbit Island, a 509-step climb before sunrise – on foot not bike – a bone-rattling “bamboo train” journey, oh, and a few temples… one was both broadened and enlightened, and probably a tiny bit fitter by Day 12.

Everyone in Cambodia rides gently and calmly on their bicycles, motor-cycles or tuk-tuks. And to be among them, pedalling through towns and markets carefully avoiding dogs, cattle, bustling stalls, is both friendly and delightful indeed. Being in the midst of it all, experiencing Cambodian daily life, is an unforgettable experience. Awesome!

Advice to anyone else considering a Cambodian trip? Wear old, mud-resistant clothes. Like rice, both in the field and on the plate, and coconut ditto. Be prepared for toe-nibbling fish, not to mention frequent massages, manicures, pedicures, haircuts – all part of the very hidden agenda. And note Cambodia’s two basic rules of the road: 1. Drive on the right, at least some of the time; 2. Just go (what’s in front will politely give way and what’s behind doesn’t matter)."

Chris Whitfeld. Dorset, UK


The Low-Down

Start: Siem Reap

Finish: Phnom Penh

Group: You will join a fun bunch of 6-12 bikers from around the world. We strive to create a relaxed, fun and intimate group dynamic that feels like a group of friends on holiday.

Leaders: All of our cycle tours are led by two of our own wonderful New Zealand based Escape Adventures leaders, and our local interpreter. We pride ourselves on the calibre and resourcefulness of these great people who you will be spending your holiday with. Our leaders are all Emergency First Aid (PHEC) trained, passionate about biking, the outdoors, and focused on making sure you have a fun and safe adventure of a life-time.

Support: Our trusty support vehicle carries all your luggage, has lunch, snacks and water at hand, and is there if you need a break from the saddle.

The Biking

We ride 25-75km per day; a total distance of 550km spread over 11 days of biking. We cycle on a range of paved and unpaved roads, dirt tracks and village trails on mostly flat terrain. The surface can be rough and pot-holed at times so a mountain-bike fitted with semi-slick tyres is the perfect bike for this tour (we have mountain bikes available locally for you to hire.) The trip is suited to bikers with a good level of fitness and being competent off-road will add to the enjoyment of your tour and is enjoyed by a wide range of bikers who enjoy a tropical climate with amazing sights and scenes at every turn.

Food & Accommodation

Your tour leaders will take care of your meals and snacks throughout your journey mostly taking advantage of the delicious fare in local cafes and restaurants. This excludes four lunches and four evening meals which are at your own cost to give you the opportunity to explore local cuisine of your own choosing. We are most definitely able to cater for vegetarians and special diets. Typical meals include:
Breakfasts - Local breakfasts are often bread & eggs which we supplement with fresh fruit, and muesli.
Lunches - Local meat and vegetable dishes with plenty of rice. Sometimes picnic style lunches, with bread, cold meats, cheese & salad.
Evening Meals - There are a wonderful range of local meat and vegetable dishes with plenty of rice and noodles.

Accommodation is twin-share and ranges from local guesthouses to hotel style accommodation in the bigger towns. Most have en-suites however it is occasionally necessary to share bathroom facilities.

Singles: We do not charge a single supplement! 
If you are traveling on your own, we will pair you with another single biker of the same gender to share a twin room.  If you do not wish to share, that is fine too, but a single supplement will apply!

Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Contact us for a more Detailed Itinerary

DAY 1:  Arrive in Siem Reap, meet your fellow bikers and first dinner out together. Hotel
DAY 2:  Taking the time to get used to our bikes we head out on quiet dirt roads and explore floating and stilt villages by bike and boat. 50km. Hotel
DAY 3:  Ride past the temples at Angkor Wat and visit a working silk farm. Transfer to hotel. 25km. Hotel
DAY 4:  Ride around local villages and meet thefamilies and learn about their traditional livelihoods and businesses. Afternoon explore the town in your own time. 30km. Hotel
DAY 5:  We take a morning vehicle transfer and then busy our afternoon visiting a floating village, hand made pottery and ride through endless rice fields. 35km. Hotel
DAY 6:  A day to stretch out the legs and ride through ever changing farmland to Oudong. 65km. Guesthouse.
DAY 7:  Catch the sunrise from the top of Oudong mountain. Cycle along canals through small villages and rice fields in an ever changing landscape. In the evening we meet with a local NGO working to protect local children. 70km. Hotel.
DAY 8:  After visiting some of our NGOs projects we follow a series of small back roads and trails, cycling through villages and farm-lets to a forest park. 50km. Lodge
DAY 9:  Cycling through relatively unpopulated countryside as we make our way towards the coast. 75km.  Guesthouse
DAY 10:  Free day to explore Kampot, an ex-French colonial town, and take a sunset cruise on the river.  Guesthouse
DAY 11:  Bike to the coast and take boat to an island for lunch and swim in the clean clear tropical ocean. 30km. Guesthouse
DAY 12:  We cycle along village tracks and quiet back roads towards Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh. 45km. Hotel
DAY 13:  Final breakfast together.  Continue exploring Phnom Penh or onward travel.

Trip Price

New Zealand Dollars: $5,350
+Bike Hire (if required) NZD $350

Singles: You DON'T have to pay a single supplement! 
- If you are traveling on your own, we will pair you with another single biker of the same gender to share a twin room.
- If you do not wish to share, that is fine too, but a single supplement will apply!  Single Supplement if requested: NZD $1,000

Included in your Tour:

  •  Accommodation -12 nights
  • Meals as per tour itinerary
  • Two NZ based Escape Adventures leaders
  • Local interpreter
  • Support vehicle & drivers
  • All land & water transfers
  • Entry to Angkor Wat* Heritage Park, and various local projects
  • Village Industries cycle tour.

Prices include: transport, support vehicles, meals as stated in itinerary, accommodation and activities for the duration of the trip.
Prices do NOT include: airfares, visas, airport taxes, meals as stated above, optional activities and excursions, vaccinations and personal equipment.

In Cambodia we hire bikes locally through a Siem Reap based business. They are always near new hard tail mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes and 27 or 30-speed Shimano components. They are available in S, M, L and XL and they are perfect for the off-road touring on our Cambodia tour.

If you will be hiring a bike from us please let us know prior to your trip, and please feel free to bring your favourite saddle and clip in pedals (if you normally clip in).


Cambodia Hire Bikes