NZ Bike Tours for our NZ Bikers

Posted on 05/05/2020 by Mandy Richards

NZ Bike Tours for our NZ Bikers

April's been a crazy month all right.  We thought we were going to be putting the final touches on our newest cycle tour while biking and camping in the deserts of Namibia.  Instead, the day Jacinda announced we were going into lockdown we made a quick decision and moved into our unfinished house and new Escape HQ.  So we've had plenty to do to keep us distracted from feeling sorry for ourselves!  We postponed the bulk of our cycle tours to next year and began brainstorming ways to get through the next year with a positive bank balance and sense of humour intact!  I am sure this sounds familiar to some of you?

Keeping US busy and YOU on your bikes is really important to us!  So we've been working on a couple of New Zealand bike tours for those of you in NZ and maybe you Aussies too? 

With our international cycle tours on hold (for now) we are currently working on some plans to lead some NZ Bike Tours for our NZ Bikers (with an Escape twist of course!) for when it is safe and possible to travel domestically in New Zealand once again!


The goals of these bike tours...


  • Give you - our bikers some great missions to work towards
  • Give you - our bikers some fun and quirky NZ experiences!
  • Employ our NZ tour leaders
  • Support our in-country crew around the world.
  • Generate some income
  • We DO NOT want to be competing with other NZ businesses also effected by the Covid 19 pandemic
  • COLLABORATE with local business, accommodations and food suppliers and bring some income into small towns
  • And to keep you fit and motivated and ready for when we are back leading our awesome international cycle tours


Some of the plans we are working on are:


  • a fully supported ride the length of New Zealand - packaged in 7-10 day sections
  • a fully supported ride the breadth of the North Island
  • a guided Heaphy Track package


The former will loosely follow the Kennett Brothers' Tour Aotearoa (length of NZ) and Kopiko Aotearoa (East Cape to West Cape) routes respectively including many of the NZ Cycle Trails, and of course with some extra quirk thrown in!