An insight into lockdown in Colombia - with Alex...

Posted on 21/05/2020 by Mandy Richards

An insight into lockdown in Colombia - with Alex...

Alex is our ‘Senor Informacion’ with extensive knowledge on history, politics, geography and actually pretty much everything in Colombia. Formally a Colombian policeman with the anti-narcotics special division (yikes!)… Alex has been with Escape Adventures (in Colombia) from the beginning providing guidance and support when we were researching our Colombia cycle tour and on the ground for our cycle tours since!

Alex just loves sharing his beautiful country and when he’s not helping our Escape Adventures cycle tours hum like a well lubed freewheel - he works year round in Colombia as a tour guide.

Now with Covid19 in the picture, Alex and his family are safe and well.
Colombia is in ‘complete lockdown' with only grocery stores, hospitals, some restaurants, and banks open and in each city there are some extra measures. In Manizales where Alex lives - “We are allowed to go out only one day per week, the day is determined by the last digit of our national identification number. In my case its Wednesday (that means I'm going out tomorrow... yay!!!)”. Alex is a really social person, and as he currently lives alone - he’s finding the lockdown pretty tough. However on the up side he’s reading LOTS and adding to his already amazing knowledge.

In terms of work, with everything frozen in Colombia, all of Alex’s tours for the rest of 2020 have been cancelled so since March he has been surviving on his savings.

Alex believes the current rules are realistic for fighting coronavirus but they are very tough on the people. It is effecting everyone in Colombia especially in terms of economy. The Colombian Government is providing some support - providing weekly staple supplies of food and products for personal hygiene to the poorest people, they are offering tax breaks for the companies who are not firing their employees and just last week the government has extended the assistance to professional tour guides currently out of work. So this of course will help a bit! “Something is better than nothing”.

So hang in there Alex! Soon we will return to your beautiful country, and enjoy the hospitality of the awesome Colombian people!

We are selling our Escape Adventures bike shirts and keep cups to raise funds to help support Alex and our other Escape Crew around the world. If you would like to buy one or just make a donation to our “In-Country crew fund contact