Covid 19 Update

Wonderful News!  New Zealand has successfully beaten Covid 19 and is now in Alert Level 1.  However with New Zealand's current border restrictions and international travel restrictions - International Travel is ON HOLD for the time being.

Current Bookings for our 2020 cycle tours

Future Bookings for 2021 and beyond

New Zealand Cycle Tours for our NZ Bikers (with an Escape twist!)


Thank you! The support that we have felt in the past few months has been absolutely amazing!! In March, as Covid19 started to effect everyone around the world, we watched our business and our livelihood, that we have built over 20 years - literally cease to function. It's no secret that it's going to be a tough couple of years for our wee family and for Escape Adventures - but it's your support that has put the wind under our wings.

We are really proud of NZ's leadership and response to this international pandemic which has no doubt saved many many lives here in NZ. But not to be taken lightly is the huge sacrifice that so many around the world have made to slow the spread. Border closures have meant that pretty much everyone we work with around the world is out of work... Their work hasn't just slowed down - it has completely vanished with no promise of when they will be able to resume.

Many are not as lucky as us. With your support of our new NZ based cycle tours, and so many of you willing to hang in there with us and transfer to next year rather than cancel is literally everything to us. Your booking deposits and your trust in us mean that for this year we can focus elsewhere (or actually right here!) knowing that as soon as it is safe and possible to do so we can and will pick up where we left off, host you in our fabulous destinations and support all our partners around the world again. We promise all of you, who are sticking by us, the NZ government who is currently supporting us and our families (for their financial support) and ourselves... we are going to rock through this and we'll be ready to be back on our bikes and exploring this wonderful planet with you as soon as we are able.

Please read on below... as we have been getting creative with some cycle tours here in New Zealand that you are going to love! Not only are they going to give you some wonderful adventures to stay fit for in the mean time... they will provide some work for our NZ crew, support NZ businesses and some income to our overseas crew as well... Wahooo! See Below for more info.


Current Bookings for 2020

If you are booked on any one of our 2020 international Cycle Tours we will have been in touch with you directly.   Your cycle tour and all tour payments have been transferred to a similar tour date in 2021.  You may also transfer to a different cycle tour if you prefer.  If you have any questions please contact us directly.


Future Bookings for 2021 and Beyond

We are currently taking bookings for all of our 2021 cycle tours.  We understand that the plausibility of travel in 2021 is not yet completely certain.  Therefore all bookings taken after March 12, 2020 will be 100% refundable or transferable to another tour if travel to your chosen location is still not realistic due to Covid 19.


NZ Tours for our NZ Bikers

Wahoo!  Our NZ Cycle Tours are go!!

Check out our new New Zealand cycle tours HERE!!

- Fully Supported Cape to Cape Cycle Tour
- Fully Supported Tour Aotearoa