Covid 19 Update

New Zealand is currently in Alert Level 2.  Due to New Zealand border closures and travel restrictions International Travel is ON HOLD for the time being.


Current Bookings for our 2020 cycle tours

Future Bookings for 2021 and beyond

New Zealand Cycle Tours for our NZ Bikers (with an Escape twist!)


Escape Adventures is taking an enforced sabbatical.  I'm sure everyone in business is asking themselves a lot of questions about how they are going to get through the next month, the next year or in the case of tourism, we don't know how long... and come out stronger on the other side.  That includes us. We don't know all the answers yet; but we are looking at this like it's a really tough bike trail... Our adrenaline is flowing, we are peaking, focused and this is going to be an exciting ride!!

One thing is for certain, Escape Adventures is alive and kicking and we are not going anywhere! We love working with all of our wonderful in-country partners. We love leading our cycle tours in the most amazing and lesser travelled parts of our amazing planet, and we love sharing it all with you! Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to be ready to ride in these wonderful places as soon as it is safe and possible to do so.

At times like this, being a small business can be a real positive as we can reduce down to almost zero overheads (except for Mandy's coffee addiction..) for the short term. The unfortunate reality however is that for now all of our tour leaders, our local in-country crew and us too, will need to find alternative work to put food on the table for the time being. So a lot of our current caffeine fueled kitchen table discussions are looking at ideas to employ our leaders and local crew during the months ahead... Stay with us!

We are currently working on some NZ Cycle Tours for our NZ Bikers (with an Escape twist!).  See Below for more info.


Current Bookings for 2020

If you are booked on one of our 2020 Cycle Tours in Kenya & Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia or Fiji Islands: we have been in touch with you directly.   Your cycle tour and all tour payments have been transferred to a similar tour date in 2021.  You may also transfer to a different cycle tour if you prefer.  If you have any questions please contact us directly.

If you are booked to join us in Namibia or Cambodia in October, November or December 2020: we have also been in touch with you directly.  There is still a glimmer of possibility that everything will have changed and we will be sharing a wonderful adventure together this year!  If travel is still not plausible at this time - your cycle tour and all tour payments will be transferred to the same time in 2021. You may also transfer to a different cycle tour if you prefer.   If you have any questions please contact us directly.


Future Bookings for 2021 and Beyond

We are currently taking bookings for all of our 2021 cycle tours.  We understand that the plausibility of travel in 2021 is not yet completely certain.  Therefore all bookings taken after March 12, 2020 will be 100% refundable or transferable to another tour if travel to your chosen location is still not realistic.


NZ Tours for our NZ Bikers

In the interim we are working to collaborate with some other New Zealand businesses also hard hit by Covid 19 and border closures. We already have some funky bike tour ideas here in NZ to keep at least our NZ bikers motivated and active until the world becomes our playground again.
This will:

  • Give you some awesome missions to keep motivated and train for.
  • Give you some fun and quirky NZ experiences!
  • Help employ some of our NZ tour leaders.
  • Help generate income so we can help support our in-country local crew around the world.
  • So a here's some questions for our NZ Bikers. (We'll send you a more detailed questionnaire soon). But in the meantime please have a think...

We already have some pretty awesome ideas... but please let us know there is somewhere specific you'd like us to plan a bike tour?  

Watch this space.  John and Mandy