Is a Cycle Tour for me?

Is an Escape Adventures cycle tour for you?

No one experiences the landscape and essence of a country as a cyclist can. As well as truly knowing when the terrain is flat, climbing, pot-holed or bumpy; cyclists smell the smells, feel the breeze, see the wildlife and often have impromptu meetings with the local people along the way. But it is also true that cycle touring is not for everyone...

You will LOVE our cycle tours if…

  • You enjoy traveling with an awesome small bunch of like minded people, and making new friends.
  • You like to get away from the tourist trails and learn about how life really ticks.
  • You like to be active when you are on holiday…. walking, biking, and jumping under giant water spouts.
  • And you like to be actively involved in your holiday… putting up a tent or picking up a tea-towel.
  • You are into getting out of your comfort zone for a night or two - especially as it means you’ll experience something new and totally different.
  • You don’t mind getting a cyclist’s tan… even if it washes off at the end of the day.
  • You are open to a real adventure, from a flat tyre or getting stuck in the mud to being invited into the home of some locals that you meet on your way.
  • You love to meet the local people. Everyone  notices when you arrive into town on a bike!
  • You love the idea of supporting the local economy by staying at the local accommodations, eating at local eateries and shopping at local markets.
  • You like to travel with all your senses!!
  • 'Nature stops' are just part of the adventure.
  • Your life is busy and hectic and you feel like you need to get off the train for a bit.
  • You enjoy socialising over a beer and a hearty meal after a good days ride.

If any of the following apply, then maybe a cycle tour is NOT for you?

  • You don’t have some level of fitness. It isn’t always 'just like riding a bike'.
  • You can't go anywhere without your hairdryer.
  • You don’t like to travel with a group.
  • You don’t like surprises.
  • Hot and sweaty sounds disgusting!!
  • You like to ‘sleep in’ every day. Early starts are great to avoid the hottest part of the day. And dawn is a fantastic time to see the world.
  • The word ‘chafing’ upsets you.

Get the most out of your cycle tour

Cycling Shorts

Padded protection for your vital bits is the best bit of packing you can do. And go commando underneath because they are designed without seams and with breathable fabric to prevent chafing. And underwear isn’t! And add a pair of baggies over the top - and you’ll look less like an alien with your cycling gear and flash bike.

Hydration backpacks

The pros wouldn’t wear them, but we think they are awesome if you want constant access to water as you pedal. It is much easier than looking down to take your bottle out when there’s a herd of giraffe up ahead. They also usually have a couple of pockets for your sunscreen and camera.

Knowing your fitness level

It’s a holiday, so don’t feel like you need to conquer every hill or mountain. If you have trained and are ready then go for it, but otherwise, look at the daily distances and terrain to be covered in our detailed itineraries and prepare. If you are not sure, drop us a line; but don’t ignore the fact that you will need some level of fitness, for your own enjoyment and safety.

Take your time

The clue is in the name ‘Cycling… Holiday’. It’s not about getting to the top or the destination first. Cycle tours are about experiencing landscapes, different cultures in remote places and passing the time of day with people you meet en route.

Plastic bottles

It is devastating to see mountain roadsides and beaches strewn with water bottles and plastic bags. You don’t need to buy single use water bottles, as we will supply bulk supplies of clean fresh drinking water to refill your hydration pack or refillable bottle regularly. Powdered or tablet energy drinks are also great for helping to stay hydrated and maintain your electrolytes.

Family cycling holidays

A family cycling holiday is a double whammy of wondrousness. First of all, everything is organised for you, so you don’t need to spend hours taking bikes on and off bike carriers, or finding the safest route from A to B without heading into a load of trucks. Second, the joy that you get watching your children gain that sense of freedom is second to none.

One size DOES NOT fit all

You might be tempted to jump on any bike and get going the minute you arrive on holiday. But it’s super important to make sure your bike fits you properly. If you hire a bike from us, we spend the time making sure your bike fits you properly for your efficiency and comfort. This bike is going to be like a lover for the next few days. Up close and personal, so the less tiffs the better.


In some parts of the world you will be considered alien like with your cycling gear and flash bike. So go gently, stop, take off your helmet, sunglasses and smile. Don’t just fly through like a bat out of hell, putting your camera in people’s faces as you go.