Why Escape Adventures?

What a world we live in.  In this crazy information age, it's easy to forget the shear thrill of being somewhere extraordinary.  We guarantee to reconnect you with our astounding world - countries brimming with wonderful places and people.

All our tours are our OWN tours

We personally research, create and lead all of our cycle tours.  Our tours are NOT contracted out to a ground operator.

Tour leaders become friends

All our cycle tours are led by two of our own wonderful New Zealand based Escape Adventures leaders.  We pride ourselves on the calibre and resourcefulness of these great people who you will be spending your holiday with. Our leaders are all passionate about biking and the outdoors, great foodies, bike fixer-uppers, trained for health support, and they are focused on making sure that your cycle tour is a fun, safe adventure of a lifetime.  All of our tours also have a wonderful local support team - an interpreter and drivers who are your first hand source of local knowledge and culture.

Small but perfectly formed

You will join a fun bunch of 6-12 bikers from around the world and will travel as a relaxed, fun and intimate group that feels like a 'bunch of mates on tour'.  Our personalised groups are small enough to integrate into local communities without taking over and mean that we can offer the best of ourselves and pay attention to the little things that make a difference.

Up close and personal

Getting to know the locals is always a very special and unforgettable part of our journeys.  Because we've personally designed all of our tours, we've developed our own network of incredible locals, who support us, house us, feed us and love interacting with us as much as we do with them.

The Unknown

Things are going to happen that are NOT on the itinerary - we deal with all of it, and you're going to love the surprises that add real flavours to our adventure!  Because we built your tour, because we travel with you and because we are experts in the field - there is nothing we cant handle.

Making a difference

A lot of people want to help developing communities, but don't know how.  By supporting local accommodations, restaurants and small businesses grow with us is the best way to help.

Escape Adventures. Established 1999

We are John Etherington, Mandy Richards (& Kier) from Golden Bay in New Zealand. We are Escape Adventures. Our full time passion is creating and leading adventurous cycle tours in stunning and interesting locations around the world.  We are driven by the reward that comes with creating and leading tours that will touch your soul and stay in your memory forever.

Meet our team: Mandy, John & Kier