Discounting... What does it mean?

Posted on 24/08/2018 by Mandy Richards

Of course you should ask for a discount!  You don't get what you don't ask for right?

The words 'discount' and 'sale' are used so frequently these days that you can be forgiven for thinking that discounting is normal for a business. To the contrary...

We created Escape Adventures nearly 20 years ago from a dream to create and lead the very best cycle tours in the world, and in doing so every decision has been very easy.  We just ask ourselves: is this the right thing for our dream and for our bikers?  Any idea that doesn’t hold up to that question is swiftly sidelined. So with that in mind let’s look at the economics of discounting tours:

If we offer a 10% discount we would need to: 

  1. Have inflated our prices to accommodate the cuts.
  2. Reduce the cost (and quality) of running our tours.
  3. Employ tour leaders of a lesser standard, experience and skill level.
  4. Copy other tours rather than research and design our own.
  5. Or contract our tours out to a 3rd party ground operator.

We’re not happy with any of those options. Not only would we undermine the hard work and passion that Escape Adventures has been built upon, it would also mean that you wouldn't get the best tour that we can possibly deliver. So how could I sleep at night??

We used to give discounts to our repeating bikers and in the past have made encouragements for our bikers to tell their friends about us. However for the past few years - 70% of our tours have been filled by repeating bikers and their friends.  We really appreciate this support of our wee business and couldn't be more stoked we are to have you back on tour yet again!  However in order to be able to offer discounts then we would actually have to inflate the cost of our tours OR go out of business!  I hope you understand and know we will focus on giving you the best tour we can!