Kenya & Tanzania Family Cycle Tour

A REAL adventure... for adventurous familes

A 16 day family biking and camping journey. Your kids will see wildlife from their bikes, meet the local people and camp in the wilderness under a cloudless African sky.

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam
16 Days
An adventurous cycle tour - at family pace

We have been leading our Kenya & Tanzania tour since 1999 - a 16 day biking and camping journey from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam using remote back roads and visiting local families and villages along the way.

East Africa is a wonderful place to travel as a family - it is colourful, lively and culturally interesting.  Our family biking and wildlife adventure follows the same researched riding routes as our ‘standard’ trip, but have tailored the itinerary, reduced the riding distances and picked the best of the riding on remote back roads to suit families and younger riders.  Biking far from the tourist routes you will experience Africa at face level – you’ll view wildlife from the saddle of your bike, meet Maasai tribesmen and camp alongside a local Maasai family under a cloudless African sky.  You will spend time in the classroom and sports field of a local school, visit an animal orphanage, Amboseli National Park in Kenya, the Ngorongoro Crater and Sadaani National Park in Tanzania.  You will gain an insight into the pulse of East Africa - as you truly immerse yourself in the remarkable places we visit.

We have planned daily riding distances to be achievable for families and kids aged around 10-16.  We do understand that some teenagers/parents may enjoy more riding challenge.  As this tour is modelled from our ‘normal’ Kenya & Tanzania itinerary - on some days it will be possible to offer distances up to our full riding itinerary for those who wish.

Note: We require a minimum of 8 people to confirm a family cycle tour - so get your friends and family together and lock in your trip!

Michael PaulMichael Paul, UK
Kenya & Tanzania Family Trip-2013

"I just wanted to put in a few more special words for the Tanzania team. I can imagine how hard it is to do the work they do, praying every moment that nothing big goes wrong (e.g., injuries, sickness, etc.) while pulling 12-13 hour work days minimum herding a large group of cats on vacation. But Gemma, Baz, and Joseph were really great. They handled that schedule and responsibility with complete confidence and patience, and even made it look easy. So, special kudos to them all. We miss them. Especially the three a day awesome meals with snacks….

Anyone has trepidation taking a 9 year old from the comforts of a suburban US life into remote Africa on a bike, especially since neither of her parents had been there before. But Escape really made it seem carefree and she had an experience that has had a profound impact on her strength, courage, confidence, and worldview. One that she will remember forever. You can’t put a price on that. So, thank you again. For helping us give our child that very rare gift – a life changing experience."

Tom Withyman

Tom Withyman, UK
Kenya & Tanzania Family Trip-2010

"Mandy, We just wanted to repeat to you our thanks to Tim, Erin and Joseph for a quite wonderful holiday. The whole family had a great time on many different fronts and it was a fabulous first introduction for our children to travel in a developing country. The combination of the biking, camping, the local people and the wildlife provided real variety. We each had different highlights but the visit to the school and football match, the lions’ night-time visit to camp and the dinner on the rock next to the Masai villages stand out.

We can’t speak highly enough of your team and the effort they put in to make our holiday special. They were always cheerful and helpful and we had a lot of fun. Having always travelled independently before, it was very relaxing to have them take all the responsibility and the balance between letting us go and identification of “hazards” was just right. Even with the lions, we felt your team was in control at all times. Joseph will remain a hero for his all night vigil keeping the fire in, armed with Tim’s spear!

The cooking was great, lots of variety, tasty food and plenty to eat. The bikes were good, we loved Sabrina and even if we wimped out with a few rooms at times we loved the camping too. The cycling was about right – I’d have liked more, Charlotte probably less, so a difficult one.  Tim and Erin made a big effort with William and Charlotte and Charlotte and Erin in particular bonded really well. Even when they had short opportunities for a break, they would swim with us, play games and keep us entertained. All three were great fun and really good company.

We’re not sure how we’re going to find another holiday quite like this! Tom"

Mark Szolin-JonesMark Szolin-Jones, UK
Kenya & Tanzania Family Trip-2010

"The whole holiday went so well. Everything that could have gone right did and nothing that could have gone wrong did. Tim, Erin and Joseph were above and beyond the call of duty and we got on well with the other family. Almost too perfect, its going to take some beating."

Linda DaviesLinda Davies (Davies Family), UK
Kenya & Tanzania Family Trip-2009 / Sichuan & Tibet-2013

"Mandy – Hi, it was brilliant – a holiday of a lifetime and really inspirational – in fact it delivered for us on several levels – as individuals and as a family. An immense team you have – you are so much bigger than in number and we can’t thank Dave, Tarn and Joseph enough for their energy, support, wisdom and patience; I hope we can stay in touch.

…Thank you for the research and for coming up with such a stunning iitinery. It’s been a long time since a holiday has been able to feed the soul – I might have to do another next year!!"

The Low-Down

Start: Nairobi in Kenya
Finish: Dar es Salaam in Tanzania

The Biking

Your tour itinerary offers 10-45km biking per day; a total distance of 230-300km spread over 12 days of biking. The terrain is mostly undulating and flat with some short rolling hills. The riding surface (80% dirt roads, 15% paved roads and 5% non-technical single track) can be rough at times, slow going, pot-holed and sandy and the riding challenge of the tour should not be judged by mileage alone. The trip is suited to riders with a good level of biking fitness and off-road biking experience will greatly enhance handling on rough roads and add to the enjoyment of your tour. A mountain bike with front suspension is the ideal bike and we have a fleet of our own mountain bikes available for hire.

We have planned daily riding distances to be achievable for families and kids aged around 10-16. Some teenagers/parents may enjoy more riding challenge - and on some days it will be possible to offer more riding for those who wish.

Support: Our trusty support vehicle carries all your luggage, has lunch, snacks and water at hand, and is there if you need a break from the saddle.


Your tour leaders will take care of your meals and snacks throughout your journey with us. This excludes one lunch and two evening meals which are at your own cost to give you the opportunity to explore local cuisine of your own choosing. We are most definitely able to cater for vegetarians and special diets and if this includes you, it is essential to advise us of this before your tour begins, so that the support vehicle can be stocked with the necessary supplies. Typical meals include:

  • Breakfasts - Fresh fruit, muesli, toast and spreads, cooked breakfast on occasions, hot drinks.
  • Lunches - Picnic style lunches, fresh salads, cold meats, cheese & bread.
  • Evening Meals - Good wholesome camp-cooked meals using as much local fresh produce as possible.


All accommodation for the duration of your tour is included. Eleven nights are camping and four nights are in locally owned guesthouses and safari lodges on a family or twin basis. Guesthouses generally have an ‘Escape fluffy towel rating’ of 2-4. The camping is ‘real camping’ and sometimes in remote locations. We supply spacious dome tents which we will show you how to erect, and foam mattresses. You will need to bring your own 2-3 season sleeping bag and a small travel pillow. Washing facilities & toilets are available every night. (Upgrades to rooms are available at some campsites).


Nairobi to Dar es Salaam

Contact Us for a more Detailed Itinerary

DAY 1:  Arrive in Nairobi, pre-departure meeting and first dinner together. Luxury tented camp
DAY 2:  Visit an Elephant Orphange, get face to face with giraffes and ride through small subsistence farms. 10km. Camping
DAY 3:  Stretch the legs biking in the real African savannah. 30-40km. Camping
DAY 4:  Bike to Amboseli National Park.  30km + game drive. Camping
DAY 5:  Morning game drive in Amboseli National Park, afternoon bike around the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro. 25km. Camping
DAY 6:  Relaxed start, visit Maasai family. Cycle past the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro before taking a vehicle transfer across into Tanzania and to Arusha City. 25km. Guesthouse
DAY 7:  Visit to a reptile park and bike down into the Great Rift Valley. 30km. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 8:  All day game drive in Ngorongoro Crater. Guesthouse
DAY 9:  Morning transfer the bike through the open space of the Maasai Steppe, camp next to a river with “bush babies” swinging in the trees. 20km. Camping
DAY 10:  Head into the Usambara Mountains, and bike to a viewpoint overlooking the endless plains. 25km. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 11:  Visit a local primary school. Optional tree planting project. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 12:  Explore the smooth trails through rainforest and village farmland. 30km. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 13:  Cycle towards the Indian Ocean Coast through sleepy palm lined villages. 35km. Camp on our family's farm.
DAY 14:  Ride on along rolling dirt roads to meet the Indian Ocean and our campsite near a palm lined beach. 47km. Camping
DAY 15:  Our final ride on mostly quiet dirt roads, through small fishing villages and finally to Bagamoyo town. 25km. Coastal Lodge
DAY 16:  After a final breakfast together a transfer to Dar es Salaam City will be provided.  Onward travel.

Trip Price

Adults: US Dollars $3,290 (Plus local payment USD $300)* | Bike Hire USD $250
Children (under 16): US Dollars $2,950 (Plus local payment USD $300) | Bike Hire USD $250

Adults: US Dollars $3,490 (Plus local payment USD $300)* | Bike Hire USD $250
Children (under 16): US Dollars $3,050 (Plus local payment USD $300) | Bike Hire USD $250

Our Kenya & Tanzania Tour is priced in US Dollars as it accurately correspond to our off-shore expenses many of which are in USD.
Convert USD to your currency:

Note: We require a minimum of 8 people to confirm a family cycle tour - so get your friends and family together and lock in your trip!

Included in your Tour:

  •  Accommodation -15 nights
  •  Meals as per tour itinerary
  •  Two NZ based Escape Adventures leaders
  •  Local interpreter/driver
  •  Purpose made support vehicle
  •  Camping equipment - tents and mattresses.
  •  Entry to Amboseli National Park
  •  Entry to Ngorongoro Crater
  •  Rural Primary School Visit

Prices do NOT include: airfares, visas, airport taxes, optional activities and excursions, vaccinations, personal equipment and a couple of meals as per the detailed itinerary.

*Local payment is a part of your trip cost and is payable at the beginning of your trip to your tour leader at the pre-departure meeting on your arrival in Africa.


In Kenya and Tanzania we have our own fleet of Avanti Aggressors available for hire in S, M, L and XL, and a couple of Avanti Forte's available in XS. These are a New Zealand brand hard tail mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Alivio/Deore 27-speed components, and they are perfect for the off-road touring on our Kenya & Tanzania trip. We carry all our spare parts out to Africa and maintain them ourselves to make sure they are in optimal riding condition for your ride with us.

If you will be hiring a bike from us please let us know prior to your trip, and please feel free to bring your favourite saddle and clip in pedals (if you normally clip in).


Our bike fleet in Kenya & Tanzania

We also have a couple Avanti Forte's (which are the smallest frame mountain bikes (with 26" wheels) that we can find, a couple of 24" Specialized Hotrock mountain bikes, and a tag-along trailor bike which we have available for the kids on our Kenya & Tanzania Family Biking Adventures.