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New developments in Kenya & Tanzania

Tags Kenya Tanzania biking tours trips Posted on 01/07/2013 by John

I have been leading our Kenya and Tanzania biking tours for well over a decade now and every time I do I am filled with immense warmth.  I am amazed by the little things that change or that we discover, like the crocodile basking on the riverbank near our camp or the new restaurant or cafe in the city that really does make good coffee!!

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Meet Ajabu

Tags tours Escape Adventures Kenya Nairobi Kenya & Tanzania Cycle Tour Posted on 27/05/2013 by Mandy & John

AjabuMeet Ajabu, our fostered orphan baby elephant.  As a part of our support of the countries we visit on our tours Escape Adventures has just fostered an orphan baby elephant in Kenya called Ajabu.

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