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Seduce your Senses - the Sichuan Province by bicycle...

Tags China tibet Sichuan Posted on 08/06/2016 by Mandy Richards

Cycle Tour China & TibetWe have just a few spaces still available on our China & Tibet cycle tour starting on the 21st of August. Check out our China & Tibet Cycle tour here!

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Facts about Sichuan...

Tags China tibet Sichuan Posted on 23/05/2016 by Mandy Richards

The food in Sichuan is delcious!The Sichuan Province (meaning Four Rivers) in South West China, is the second largest of China's 23 provinces. Sichuan borders - Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Guzhou & Yunnan.

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The Ride of your Life - winner!

Tags Sichuan tibet China Posted on 16/12/2015 by Mandy Richards

We are absolutely stoked to welcome Nikki Helyar (and her daughter Raya) who has won the Ride of your Life and will be joining us on our Sichuan & Tibet Cycle Tour in 2016... In conjunction with Torpedo 7 and Air NZ Grab a Seat - Welcome Nikki!!

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Sichuan & Tibet Cycle Tour - September 1-15 2013

Tags Sichuan tibet cycle tour Posted on 17/09/2013 by Brian & Clare

Luke cruising down the passWe have posted a handful of photos from our September Sichuan & Tibet Cycle tour on our facebook page here. We hope you enjoy them!

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Tagong Urban Challange

Tags Sichuan China cycled Posted on 16/09/2013 by Brian & Clare

Tagong Urban ChallengeWhile the roads of Sichuan are generally very good, every now and again you strike roadworks. The issue it seems in China is that there is scant regard for anyone who needs to use the road while the work is taking place...

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Coming back to China

Tags tibetan Sichuan tibet China cycling Posted on 14/09/2013 by Brian

Top of the pass 4300mChristian churches, snow clad peaks, Tibetan herdsmen on motorbikes, gushing rivers, prayer flags in the breeze: this is Kangding. Somehow the incredible diversity of this town represents this part of Sichuan and the experience of our journey cycling through it. Kangding is " the gateway to Tibet", and we have come through the back door, down, re-entering China. The contrast is stark. Gone is the thin air, harsh sun and yak herders, replaced with verdant forests, impossible gorges and the increasing march of development.  The traditional melting pot of Kangding is still thriving, but the ingredients are changing.

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Tags Sichuan cycle tour Posted on 09/09/2013 by Brian

Delicious Sichuan foodFood is a major part of Sichuan life and culture. It's certainly a integral part of life on a cycle tour through the region! It is always amazing that everywhere we stop, be it for noodles for breakfast or any if the many restaurants we frequent for lunch or dinner, the food is nothing short of amazing. Sichuan food is unique; hot, spicy with chillies and peppercorns. Somehow from this base comes an incredible array if flavours that makes every meal unique.

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Arrived safe and sound in Chengdu

Tags Sichuan Chengdu cycled Posted on 04/09/2013 by Brian & Clare

PandasOur new Sichuan crew have arrived in Chengdu... Here is a photo of Linda, Gareth, Christian, Rhianna, Sebastian, LIz, Julian, Margot, Luke & Clare after having cycled out to the Panda Breeding & Research Centre through Chengdu traffic.  It must have been a bit hot??

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Sichuan & Tibet Cycle Tour - August 15-29, 2013

Tags Sichuan tibet cycle tour Posted on 29/08/2013 by Brian & Clare

Bamei MonasteryWe have posted a view photos from our Sichuan & Tibet Cycle Tour which finished this morning on our Facebook page here.   We hope that you enjoy them!

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It can be very humbling to travel.

Tags Sichuan cycle tour China cycling Posted on 29/08/2013 by Brian & Clare

After dinner on our last night of our Sichuan Cycle Tour in Shangli in Western China, the team headed next door for a spot of KTV - kareoke! Amongst the laughter and fun was a very sobering moment about the value of travel. Some of the local young people who were cheering on the "performers" thanked us for travelling to their country and province. Why? Just four months after a major earthquake and very recent floods, the sight of western tourists is reassuring. For the locals we show confidence in them and their country. Those of us from Christchurch which suffered massive damage from an earthquake two years ago, understand. By being here we are saying "it's gonna be ok".

And it is. Our cycling journey through western Sichuan has been fantastic; hot sunny weather, smiling faces and many, many surprises. Jaiyo!

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