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Heaphy Track - September 23-26

Tags biking Heaphy Track riding bikers Posted on 28/09/2013 by John & Ash

Garry, Chris, Philippa & BrettWatching the final days of Team Oracle v’s Team NZ or biking the Heaphy Track?  It was a big call for keen yachtsmen; but they tore themselves away and bravely entered the technology free remote parts of Kahurangi National Park to bike the Heaphy Track.  Even if the weather gods in San Fransisco couldn’t help the Kiwi boat they were looking down on us as we biked up to Perry Saddle on Tuesday morning and kept the pending rain at bay.

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Kenya & Tanzania tour season finale

Tags Kenya Tanzania bikers Africa riding cycle trips bike tour Posted on 01/09/2013 by Baz & Gemma

We've just had a fantastic last trip of the 2013 season in Kenya and Tanzania with a great group of bikers and new mates!! I can't enthuse enough how much we enjoyed experiencing so much over the last couple of weeks with Jan, Bill, Mark, Sue, Jamie, Bill, Nic & Ed. Gem and I are going to miss East Africa over the next nine months; roll on 2014!!  We want to thank all the bikers who we had such good fun riding through the savannah, scrubland, animals and tracks the last three months; also Joseph for everything he does to make these cycle trips work like magic; and especially Mandy and John - you guys rock for setting up such an incredible unique bike tour, been an awesome experience we'll never forget!!! Cheers for all your support and work to make this happen (-:

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School visits and big descents in Tanzania

Tags Tanzania riding Ngorongoro Crater Posted on 14/07/2013 by Baz and Gemma & Joseph

We had a superb time visiting Mkuzi School in the mountains and the kids got Jill and Odette shaking their booties! A great time had by all. On descending from the Usambara Mountains the other day - Andrew said "That's the best day's riding I've ever had" ... we were so pleased to share it with you Andrew!! We are now in Arusha City and on our way to the Ngorongoro Crater. Baz, Gemma & Joseph

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