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A word (or two) from Baz. Seven weeks in Africa.

Tags Nairobi Kenya Tanzania bike cycling Posted on 29/07/2013 by Baz

Gem commuting down to the shops

Gem doing the morning commute

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Tutaonana from Nairobi

Tags Dar es Salaam Nairobi bikers Arusha cycle Posted on 23/07/2013 by Baz and Gemma & Joseph

500 odd meandering km through the red carpet of baobab and acacia trees from Dar es Salaam back to Nairobi again, to the now familiar luxury of the Wildebeest Eco Lodge - but it's a bit quiet and less laughter around the camp now our bikers Andrew, Paul, Odi, Jill, Stefan and Babu have left to travel on home.

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A great evening in Amboseli National Park

Tags biked Amboseli Amboseli National Park bikes cycling Nairobi Posted on 18/07/2013 by Baz & Joseph and Gemma

We biked across the dry bed of Lake Amboseli yesterday and made our way into Amboseli National Park. Wow! Close (very close) ups with giraffe and elephants, and a lion chasing gazelle less successfully... A beautiful night and back into the park for another look this morning... before getting back on our bikes and cycling north towards Nairobi.

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From Tanzania and cycling on to Kenya

Tags safari Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania Kenya Nairobi Posted on 16/07/2013 by Gemma & Baz

The team had an awesome safari into Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania yesterday. Odey got a bit closer to a baboon than she intended; elephants and lions taking shade from the sun from a safari vehicle and a rare black rhino were highlights of the day. Paul helped the local safari driver change a tyre and they spotted giraffes on the way to the park. Today we will cross the border into Kenya and head across maasai country for the more rustic part of our journey... (Sorry we have not been able to post photos as have not been able to get them from the camera. We'll post a gallery when back in Nairobi).
Until then. Gemma, Baz & Joseph

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On our bikes in Kenya

Tags bikers Nairobi bikes Africa Posted on 17/06/2013 by Baz & Gemma

Our first group of excited bikers have arrived safely in Nairobi!  We kicked off with a lovely first dinner altogether last night, and this morning the wet season ended as if on cue for the start of the trip.  We are all looking forward to getting on our bikes and heading out into Africa.

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Meet Ajabu

Tags tours Escape Adventures Kenya Nairobi Kenya & Tanzania Cycle Tour Posted on 27/05/2013 by Mandy & John

AjabuMeet Ajabu, our fostered orphan baby elephant.  As a part of our support of the countries we visit on our tours Escape Adventures has just fostered an orphan baby elephant in Kenya called Ajabu.

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