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We have a NEW Family Cycle Tour...

Tags Fiji Islands cycle tour Family Posted on 22/06/2015 by Mandy

Cruising the coconuts in the tropicsWe have a new FAMILY Cycle Tour...  to the Fiji Islands!
Earlier this year - two very adventurous families joined us in putting our Fiji Islands Cycle Tour to test as a Family Cycle Tour. Our Fiji Islands Family Tour includes all that makes our regular tour special plus the added spark that comes from traveling with children in a country where everyone just loves kids! Picture subsistence villages, rain-forested mountains and quiet roads winding around a coastline of an unbelievably clear blue ocean edged with swaying coconut palms. This is the Fiji we are heading for!  Join us in 2016.

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Calling all Adventurous Families!!

Tags Fiji Islands cycle tour Family Posted on 13/11/2014 by Mandy

Fiji Islands Cycle TourWe have just had a wonderful family book to join us on our Fiji Islands Cycle tour starting on the 7th of April 2015. The family who have booked have 3 kids aged 13, 11 and 9 and they are keen to do our Fiji Islands cycle tour as advertised -knowing that we'll tailor it somewhat for the abilities of the kids. We have room for one more family... Check out: Fiji Islands

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