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Kenya & Tanzania tour season finale

Tags Kenya Tanzania bikers Africa riding cycle trips bike tour Posted on 01/09/2013 by Baz & Gemma

We've just had a fantastic last trip of the 2013 season in Kenya and Tanzania with a great group of bikers and new mates!! I can't enthuse enough how much we enjoyed experiencing so much over the last couple of weeks with Jan, Bill, Mark, Sue, Jamie, Bill, Nic & Ed. Gem and I are going to miss East Africa over the next nine months; roll on 2014!!  We want to thank all the bikers who we had such good fun riding through the savannah, scrubland, animals and tracks the last three months; also Joseph for everything he does to make these cycle trips work like magic; and especially Mandy and John - you guys rock for setting up such an incredible unique bike tour, been an awesome experience we'll never forget!!! Cheers for all your support and work to make this happen (-:

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