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Arrived safe and sound in Chengdu

Tags Sichuan Chengdu cycled Posted on 04/09/2013 by Brian & Clare

PandasOur new Sichuan crew have arrived in Chengdu... Here is a photo of Linda, Gareth, Christian, Rhianna, Sebastian, LIz, Julian, Margot, Luke & Clare after having cycled out to the Panda Breeding & Research Centre through Chengdu traffic.  It must have been a bit hot??

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Welcome to Sichuan!

Tags Chengdu China Sichuan cycled pedalled Posted on 16/08/2013 by Clare & Brian

New arrivals in Chengdu CityNihao from Chengdu City in Western China, Sichuan Province!  Everyone has arrived safely in Chengdu City.  We had a neat day today - we cycled out to the Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre.  We are learning to 'flow like water' as we cycled following Doven through the city traffic. It is hot so we gratefully sheltered in the shade for lunch and gently pedalled back. We are now getting ready for our night in the city - the Sichuan Opera and dinner.

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