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Kyrgyzstan 'Mountains of Mystery' Cycle Tour July 2014

Tags Kyrgyzstan cycle tour cycle touring tour Bishkek Posted on 16/07/2013 by John

Ok, so back in Bishkek and yes we found coffee!! Awesome would be the first word that springs to mind and that's not just the coffee.  This country is incredible, with a checkered and at times turbulent past it is full with mind blowing scenery, super friendly people (who often want to drink vodka with you in the street!) and stunning cycle touring. So to cut a long story short this trip has been a great success and give me a couple of weeks to get the details sorted out and we will have our new Kyrgyzstan - "mountains of mystery" cycle tour ready to go for July 2014.

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Arriving in Kyrgyzstan...

Tags cycling Bishkek Kyrgyzstan ride Posted on 08/07/2013 by John

The sun was just rising as our flight crossed the last of the mountains before our descent into Bishkek. With the clouds opening up before us our first view of Kyrgyzstan looked like a crumpled rug of snow capped peaks stretching off into the distance and all I could think was that we are about to ride through that!!! Awesome!   Soon enough, which tends to happen when you are travelling at 750kmh, the mountains gave way to an endless patchwork quilt of rolling pasture and crops in every shade of tan with the city of Bishkek in the distance.

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