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Another mad bunch on their way to the Heaphy Track

Tags Heaphy Track bike Posted on 25/09/2013 by Mandy

On the way to the HeaphyAnother mad bunch on their way to bike the Heaphy Track yesterday.

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All in a day's biking in Kenya

Tags cycling biking Kenya bike Posted on 29/08/2013 by Baz and Gemma & Joseph

Our own private and very social craft market; close encounters with giraffe, zebra and not too close with elephant; cycling 'on the surface of the moon'; and invites and genuine insights into Maasai homes and lives... all in a today's biking in Kenya!  Now we just have to get Jan to stay in her bike, Ed to stop spooking animals with his exuberant enthusiasm, and Nic, Mark, Sue, Bill, Jamie and Bill to keep at least three camera batteries charged a day!!  An incredible final trip of the season so far!!

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A word (or two) from Baz. Seven weeks in Africa.

Tags Nairobi Kenya Tanzania bike cycling Posted on 29/07/2013 by Baz

Gem commuting down to the shops

Gem doing the morning commute

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A picture perfect African landscape

Tags Amboseli bike ride maasai Mt Kilimanjaro Africa Posted on 20/06/2013 by Baz & Gemma

What a day!!  This morning we sat upon Observation Hill in Amboseli National Park and watched a long herd of elephant march ponderously (John favourite word of the day!) across the plains; and after a lovely bike ride across the 'once was' Lake Amboseli - we are now perched upon a rock with our Maasai friends watching the same long lines of Maasai cattle coming home into their manyatta below sunset and the backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro tonight.  Africa as a picture perfect landscape!

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