Go Brian!! Go!!

Tags Tour leaders Posted on 07/06/2016 by Mandy Richards

Brian AlderIn a few days time Escape Adventures tour leader Brian Alder will be setting off on the 'Grand Depart' of the Tour Divide!! Tour Divide is a bike packing race where individuals span the 2745 mile (4418km) 'divide' between the US border with Canada and the Mexican border - by bicycle and completely self supported.

Brian's expecting to complete the race in 18-20 days. To do so he'll need to average 16hrs/day riding with only 5hrs sleep per night. He will be fuelled on nuts, jerky, bier sticks, frozen burritos and whatever fast-food he can get his hands on from the USA gas stations along the way. 
Brian said that he plans to start conservatively - he reckons "If I can get through Montana (which contains the hilliest, coldest and wettest 1000 miles) then I can finish. His less conservative side has his eyes on the record for age 50+ which is currently 18 days & 8 hours. 
Those of you joining our Kyrgyzstan Cycle Tour this year - will be able to vouch that he made it... as he is due to meet you in Bishkek on July 10!!

Tour Divide starts: 8am, June 10. (NZ time: 2pm, June 11). You can watch him live at: Track Leaders