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Heaphy Track - September 23-26

Tags biking Heaphy Track riding bikers Posted on 28/09/2013 by John & Ash

Garry, Chris, Philippa & BrettWatching the final days of Team Oracle v’s Team NZ or biking the Heaphy Track?  It was a big call for keen yachtsmen; but they tore themselves away and bravely entered the technology free remote parts of Kahurangi National Park to bike the Heaphy Track.  Even if the weather gods in San Fransisco couldn’t help the Kiwi boat they were looking down on us as we biked up to Perry Saddle on Tuesday morning and kept the pending rain at bay.

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Another mad bunch on their way to the Heaphy Track

Tags Heaphy Track bike Posted on 25/09/2013 by Mandy

On the way to the HeaphyAnother mad bunch on their way to bike the Heaphy Track yesterday.

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A surprise holiday

Tags heaphy experience mountain bike adventure mountain bike ride Posted on 19/09/2013 by Mandy

Verity cruising the Gouland DownsWhen Latham told Verity he was taking her on a surprise romantic holiday... she thought they were off on a Tahitian Island getaway - just the two of them.  So you can imagine her surprise when she arrived in Golden Bay to join our Heapy Experience - a 3 day, 80km remote backcountry mountain bike adventure to be joined by Maria who had talked her friend Louise into leaving her husband and 3 small boys at home; and guides: Mandy and Bruce! 

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Sichuan & Tibet Cycle Tour - September 1-15 2013

Tags Sichuan tibet cycle tour Posted on 17/09/2013 by Brian & Clare

Luke cruising down the passWe have posted a handful of photos from our September Sichuan & Tibet Cycle tour on our facebook page here. We hope you enjoy them!

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Tagong Urban Challange

Tags Sichuan China cycled Posted on 16/09/2013 by Brian & Clare

Tagong Urban ChallengeWhile the roads of Sichuan are generally very good, every now and again you strike roadworks. The issue it seems in China is that there is scant regard for anyone who needs to use the road while the work is taking place...

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Coming back to China

Tags tibetan Sichuan tibet China cycling Posted on 14/09/2013 by Brian

Top of the pass 4300mChristian churches, snow clad peaks, Tibetan herdsmen on motorbikes, gushing rivers, prayer flags in the breeze: this is Kangding. Somehow the incredible diversity of this town represents this part of Sichuan and the experience of our journey cycling through it. Kangding is " the gateway to Tibet", and we have come through the back door, down, re-entering China. The contrast is stark. Gone is the thin air, harsh sun and yak herders, replaced with verdant forests, impossible gorges and the increasing march of development.  The traditional melting pot of Kangding is still thriving, but the ingredients are changing.

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Kenya & Tanzania Cycle Tour - August 17 to Sept 1, 2013

Tags Kenya Tanzania cycle tour Posted on 12/09/2013 by Baz & Gemma

Kenya & TanzaniaYou can find a  handful of photos taken on our last Kenya & Tanzania Cycle Tour August -September 2013 on our Facebook page here.  Please enjoy them!

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Tags Sichuan cycle tour Posted on 09/09/2013 by Brian

Delicious Sichuan foodFood is a major part of Sichuan life and culture. It's certainly a integral part of life on a cycle tour through the region! It is always amazing that everywhere we stop, be it for noodles for breakfast or any if the many restaurants we frequent for lunch or dinner, the food is nothing short of amazing. Sichuan food is unique; hot, spicy with chillies and peppercorns. Somehow from this base comes an incredible array if flavours that makes every meal unique.

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Welcome home Baz and Gemma

Tags Escape Adventures Kenya Tanzania Posted on 09/09/2013 by Mandy & John

Mandy, Baz & GemmaBaz and Gemma arrived back at Escape Adventures base in NZ on Friday.  We got to have a night with them here in Golden Bay (and they kept us up way past John's bedtime), before they drove off towards Haast in their little black bubble-car - Gemma to chase baby kiwi in the bush and Baz to reenergize for his summer's guiding in NZ. 

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Happy Birthday Christian

Tags cycled China Posted on 06/09/2013 by Brian

Happy Birthday ChristianWhere were you when you turned 22? Christian Davies 22nd birthday started with pickled cabbage and noodles for breakfast, cycled across the misty landscapes of Western China to Lushan village and finished with an astounding birthday cake with a candle that opened like a flower and fireworks! Once again China is full of surprises!  Happy Birthday Christian!

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