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Tags cycling Posted on 24/06/2013 by Baz & Gemma

KilimanjaroWhat a great evening kicking back with the crew on the streets of Mto Wam Bu last night - after a great day's cycling it was pretty cool watching the busy Rift Valley town buzz at sundown from our roadside bar!!

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A picture perfect African landscape

Tags Amboseli bike ride maasai Mt Kilimanjaro Africa Posted on 20/06/2013 by Baz & Gemma

What a day!!  This morning we sat upon Observation Hill in Amboseli National Park and watched a long herd of elephant march ponderously (John favourite word of the day!) across the plains; and after a lovely bike ride across the 'once was' Lake Amboseli - we are now perched upon a rock with our Maasai friends watching the same long lines of Maasai cattle coming home into their manyatta below sunset and the backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro tonight.  Africa as a picture perfect landscape!

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On our bikes in Kenya

Tags bikers Nairobi bikes Africa Posted on 17/06/2013 by Baz & Gemma

Our first group of excited bikers have arrived safely in Nairobi!  We kicked off with a lovely first dinner altogether last night, and this morning the wet season ended as if on cue for the start of the trip.  We are all looking forward to getting on our bikes and heading out into Africa.

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Baz and Gemma arrive in Nairobi

Tags African bikes adventure Posted on 08/06/2013 by Baz

Baz and GemmaYES!! Finally here after three months of waiting!! Gemma, John and I are sitting under a dark red African sky, enjoying an end of day cold Tusker (beer), after unpacking and assembling the new fleet of bikes that arrived today. The three months of waiting was for both Gem and I itching to get out here after meeting John and Mandy in February, and the amount of time it took to get the new bikes through customs!!!! John looks a lot more relieved now they're here!

The lights around the water we can see from the deck at the Wildebeest Eco Camp are just enough to frame the flat topped Acacia trees but everything looks different here to home; the evening animal songs are new too - everywhere you look or listen there are new sounds and sights, but a lot seems familiar too, like from books I read as a kid. Even the camels that we passed being herded down the red dirt road that leads to our lodge yesterday seemed both unusual yet normal!!

John's an old hand at this but Gem and I have been really excited about getting out here to start into our new adventure, and everything in the last three days since we arrived has lived up to our anticipation. Only three days ... already seems like much longer!! Today we're off to Rongai to finish the final touches to our big blue beast of a bus Joseph has been busy customising, and whatever new surprises the day has in store for us. We'll keep you updated (-:

Tutaonana, Baz

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